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Book Harvest is committed to continuous self-assessment, including rigorous external evaluation, to identify best practices as we expand our efforts to rewrite outcomes for all children.

In 2013, Book Harvest launched Book Babies, a home visiting literacy coaching intervention that starts at birth and continues for five full years, through kindergarten entry. Our professional staff works alongside parents, at their kitchen tables and on their living room sofas, to identify their goals for their children, provide them with the resources, modeling, and information they need to thrive in their role as their child’s first and best teacher, and build social capital networks with other parents.

Our model is parent-led and parent-informed. Its unique dosage, frequency, duration, and affordability makes it a candidate for population-level scaling; it holds the potential to confer large-scale kindergarten-readiness, a critical milestone that has long eluded low-income families and families of color stuck in conditions of generational poverty and systemic racism.

Latest Findings

Learn more about our recent research and evaluation findings:

Book Babies Randomized Control Study: 2021 Final Report, by Iheoma U. Iruka, Ph.D. (Principal Investigator), Ximena Franco, Ph.D., and Fernando Andrade, Ph.D. from Equity Research Action Coalition at the UNC Frank Porter Graham Child Development Institute with The Center for Early Education Research and Evaluation at HighScope Educational Research Foundation

Book Babies Analysis of Parent Focus Groups, 2021, by Cristina Gillanders, Ph.D., University of Colorado Denver and Meytal Barak, MED, Book Babies

Book Babies Research Briefing Webinar (initially aired on 9/8/2021)

Book Babies Family Survey (below):



Copy of Book Babies Family Survey

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