Your tax-deductible donation to Book Harvest is an investment in building brains and spreading joy. Every dollar helps us get books into the hands and homes of young readers, starting at birth -- making possible storytimes filled with adventure, curiosity, laughter, language, and learning.

A donation to Book Harvest makes a perfect gift in honor or memory of someone special! Include a message for your honoree with their contact info, and we will send them, or their family, a personal note letting them know of your generous gesture.

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Make a one-time donation

You can also mail your tax-deductible check to:

Book Harvest
2501 University Drive
Durham, NC 27707

Or make a gift by text! Just text BOOKHARVEST to 44-321 and enter the amount you would like to donate.

Become a monthly sustainer

Pay for a Dream Big Sponsorship

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Make a planned gift

We invite you to join our Imprint Society, a group of generous and forward-thinking donors who support our long-term success by including Book Harvest in their will or estate planning.

Legacy gifts are an important way for donors to realize long-term impact for a cause they care about, without upfront cost during their lifetime. There are uncomplicated options to consider with your trusted legal and financial advisors that can create a simple planned gift perfectly suited to your personal priorities. Your support of our mission will be long remembered and honored.

To make a planned gift, contact Advancement Director Isabel Geffner at Book Harvest: or 252.497.BOOK.

If you have included Book Harvest in your estate planning, we would be grateful to be notified, so that we can list you as a member of the Imprint Society.

If you would like to leave a gift in your will, or if you already have an existing will that you would like to update by adding a gift to Book Harvest, we suggest the following language:

“I bequeath (amount OR percentage) to Book Harvest, Inc., a nonprofit corporation organized and existing under the laws of North Carolina, with the principal business address of 2501 University Drive, Durham, NC 27707 USA (federal tax identification number 45-2610533).”

Give appreciated stock

Why donate appreciated securities to Book Harvest?

You receive a tax deduction for the full current market value of the donated stock.

You do not incur capital gains tax.

When you make a cash gift, the gift is a tax deduction on your federal and state tax return assuming you
itemize your deductions. An even greater tax savings can be realized if you donate appreciated
securities. (The stock must have been held for more than one year and one day.)

By making such a donation, you can deduct the full fair market value of the gift as a contribution, while
the appreciation in value is not taxed. For example, assume you now have a stock with a fair market
value of $10,000 that you have held for more than one year and one day. When you purchased the stock
it cost $2,000.

  Gift of Stock Gift of Cash
Charitable Gift Amount $10,000 $10,000
Ordinary Income Tax Savings $3,500 $3,500
Capital Gains $1,200 saved $1,200 paid
Net Tax Savings $4,700 $3,500

This example assumes a 35% ordinary income tax rate and 15% tax rate on capital gain. Remember, the
greater the appreciation in the value of the stock you are donating the greater your tax savings. So, you
might be in a position to donate more than you thought you could!

Please consult your tax advisor regarding your specific legal and tax situation.

Transferring stock to Book Harvest:

Book Harvest’s account name at PNC is “Book Harvest Corporation,” account number is 005-225571 and DTC number is 0226. Tax ID #: 45-2610533.

Once you have transferred the shares into Book Harvest’s account, please call (252-497-2665) or email
Director of Finance and Operations, Kate Panuska with the following information:

What stock(s) you are transferring
The number of shares you are transferring

The account representative for Book Harvest at PNC is Derek Finney, 412.803.1250.

Questions? Contact Director of Finance and Operations, Kate Panuska at 252-497-2665.

Change your sustaining membership
Book Harvest believes that all children deserve to grow up in book-rich homes. We rely on our community of regular, sustaining givers to fuel our mission. Thank you for your support!
If you need to change your monthly sustaining gift or alter billing information, please email Charlia Vance or call our office at 252-497-2665 and we would be happy to help.
Are you a state employee?

If you are a state employee, you can easily designate a gift to Book Harvest through the North Carolina State Employees Combined Campaign (SECC). Visit the campaign website to see how easy it can be to help children and their families have access to an abundance of books and literacy resources. And remember to use code 3918 to designate your gift to Book Harvest.


We acknowledge all financial donations with a tax receipt, and all donors are listed in our annual impact report.

Questions about ways to donate? Please contact Book Harvest’s Advancement Director Isabel Geffner at

Book Harvest is a 501c3 non-profit organization.
Book Harvest’s federal tax identification number is 45-2610533.